Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records anime unveils new information

At the stage event Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai there was a promo released as well as other additional information for the upcoming Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records anime, it should be noted that the adaption will be a TV anime series. The anime will star Souma Saitou as Glenn Radars, Akane Fujita as Sistine Fibel and Yume Miyamoto as Rumia Tingel. For the upcoming series Minato Kazuto will direct it at LIDEN FILMS and Touka Machida is writing and overseeing the scripts, Satoshi Kurama is the character designer and chief animation director and Hiroaki Tsutsumo will compose the music for the series. Mind you that the light novel series which released began on July 19th 2014 has since then has been ongoing publication and the seventh volume of the light novel released October 20th in Japan, a manga adaption also started releasing March 26th 2015 and is ongoing as well. In March a collection of short stories was published by Fujimi Shobo titled Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Tsuisou Nishi starting in March.

Images that were released along with the announcement:
[Image: wRQgOkb.jpg]
[Image: LKKoJqe.jpg]
[Image: xZMyl3V.jpg]

Below is a plot summary of the series can be seen below quoted from MAL:

Sisti attends a magical academy to hone her skills in the magical arts, and hopes to solve the mystery of the enigmatic Sky Castle. After the retirement of her favorite teacher, the replacement, Glen, turns out to be a tardy, lazy, seemingly incompetent bastard of an instructor. How was it that Glen was hand-picked by the best magician in the academy!?

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