Shuffle! visual novel to get Steam release

[Image: ZMceHUM.jpg]

Game developer and localization company Active Gaming Media and GREE has announced via press that it will be releasing Navel’s Shuffle! visual novel on Steam in November. The release will include English text with Japanese audio, the game is being localized by Active Game Media’s YumeHaven’s visual novel brand. It was stated by Active Game Media that YumeHaven “provides official translations of high-quality Japanese ‘bishojo’ visual novel for distribution around the world. The game which first released January 30th 2004 on Windows in Japan has also released on the PS2 and has also been localized, both adult and all ages versions have been released for the visual novel itself. The game also includes two additional routes for the characters Mayumi and Kareha. The game would also get an anime series which started on July 8th 2005 and ended January 6th 2006 with 26 episodes releasing for it.

Below is a plot summary of the game provided by Steam and quoted from ANN:

In a certain ancient ruin, two doors were discovered, then accidentally opened. Through these doors were two different worlds: the World of the Gods, and the World of Demons. The three worlds from then on out became interconnected, bringing drastic changes to the human world… The story takes place in an average town in an average country. Two different families moved in either side of a boy who was living in peace and quiet. These were the families of the King of the Gods and the King of the Demons, the rulers of their respective worlds. Both of these Kings had moved upon the wishes of their daughters, who had been in love with the boy since they were young. Years ago, the two girls met the boy only for a moment and neither of them could forget that fateful encounter as they continued to hold him close in their hearts. Now, with the boy’s friends and roommates and all sorts of other people getting mixed up in their story, they begin their new lives―full of trouble, despair, and maybe a little bit of hope. “The man who can become either God, Demon, or Human.” As his friends jokingly call him this, packed with a bit of both sarcasm and envy, the story begins…

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