Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash showcases Hanzou Academy character designs

The upcoming Senran Kagura Peach beach Splash game has released six new character images today featuring the Hanzou Academy girls. The game will be releasing in Japan on March 16th 2017 for the PS4. There will be a full feature by Famitsu in their magazine for the game in its October 20th issue on October 6th. Originally the franchise began on the Nintendo 3DS on September 2011 under the title Senran Kagura Burst, the latest in the series being a PS Vita and PS4 release titled Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. The game released in Japan March 2015 and received a western release in March earlier this year, a Sakura Edition update for the game in Japan also was released earlier this year. Let it also be known that the games spawned an anime adaption for the series that started its release January 6th 2013 and ended March 24th 2013 releasing 12 episodes in total, an OVA bundled with Senran Kagura: Estival Versus was later released March 26th 2015 with a single episode.

Our first character Asuka whom is voiced by Hitomi Harada is a first year student and consider everyone a friend, she is the central member of Hanzou Academy and while her purpose in Peach beach Splash is unknown she has a reason for picking up water guns.
[Image: hDnsn4z.jpg]

Ikaruga whom is voiced by Asami Imai is a third year student who has a strong sense of responsibility and serves as the committee chair, before coming to the island she seems to have had problems in the past and doesn’t open up to anyone. Even while she is on this distant island she still receives emails from her older brother.
[Image: 4YIglcG.jpg]

The third year student Katsuragi whom is voiced by Yu Kobayashi is one who likes to sexually harass girls but is still strict with younger students. However in the end she enjoys seeing girls in swimsuits.
[Image: 4ZedqHB.jpg]

Our next character Yagyuu has her voice done by Kaori Mizuhashi and is a first year student like Asuka. Her personality is shown as being callous, calm, observant and resolute. Due to her strong love for Hibari however she tends to lose her focus, she is participating in the tournament as per accordance with the organization.
[Image: FryZgM8.jpg]

Finally is Hibari voiced by Yuka Iguchi, she is a first year student as well and is seen as the little sister of Hanzou Academy. She is always shown as having a cheerful and easygoing mood and works as hard as she can for her teammates. Now while she apparently wants many things if she wins the championship she can’t decide on what she wants.
[Image: qcSf3dl.jpg]

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