Shinryaku! Ika Musume added by Sentai Filmworks

[Image: WYfI3dp.jpg]

It has been announced today by Sentai Filmworks that it has licensed the Shinryaku! Ika Musume anime for streaming, TV broadcast and digital streaming as well. The licensing will include both seasons of the anime as well as the OVA episodes for the anime as well. Originally the first series was released by Media Blasters on DVD and Blu-ray disc with both Japanese and English audio tracks and would later stream on Hulu, however it along with many other Media Blasters titles expired. There were plans for Media Blasters to also release the series back in 2012. The series first released its first season October 5th 2010 and ended on December 21st 2010 releasing 12 episodes, its second season would later release September 27th 2011 and end December 25th 2011 with 12 episodes also releasing for it. Originally the series began as a manga which started releasing on July 6th 2007 and ended February 25th 2016 with 22 volumes in total being released. Below is a plot summary of the series quoted from MAL:

From the depth of the seas rises an evil monster, bent on taking over the human world: Ika Musume. She’s ruthless. She’s menacing. She’s… an adorably non-threatening little girl who makes an awesome squid-ink spaghetti?

Ika Musume has come out of her home in the ocean on a quest to punish humanity for polluting her waters. With squid tentacles for hair and some pretty useful ink-spitting skills, Ika Musume is sure she’ll have no trouble invading Earth. What she didn’t account for were the Aizawa sisters, rough and tumble Eiko and deceptively mellow Chizuru, who immediately bully her into working as a waitress in their seafood restaurant by the shore.
Ika Musume decides to take this chance to learn more about the human world, having silly adventures, meeting lots of strange characters, and never once letting world domination out of her sights. Will Ika Musume be able to exact her revenge on the human race that had wronged her? Or will she learn to enjoy the company of these foolish air-breathers and let bygones be bygones

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