Senran Kagura receives new game

The series producer for Senran Kagura today Kenichirou Takaki has announced today there is a new work for Senran Kagura in the making, this was announced in a Famitsu livestream event on NicoNico. There will be more details unveiled for it on October 6th. An image was released for this which will be shown later in the article, it should also be noted that Takaki has also commented on the interest of making a VR game. Originally the franchise began on the Nintendo 3DS on September 2011 under the title Senran Kagura Burst, the latest in the series being a PS Vita and PS4 release titled Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. The game released in Japan March 2015 and received a western release in March earlier this year, a Sakura Edition update for the game in Japan also was released earlier this year. Let it also be known that the games spawned an anime adaption for the series that started its release January 6th 2013 and ended March 24th 2013 releasing 12 episodes in total, an OVA bundled with Senran Kagura: Estival Versus was later released March 26th 2015 with a single episode.

[Image: YVgqx2f.jpg]

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