Sentai Filmworks adds Girlish Number

[Image: PxoF0rk.jpg]

The upcoming television anime series Girlish Number has confirmed to be added by Sentai Filmworks today, the series is planned to be released both digitally and on home video. For the upcoming anime series release date it is set to air on October 7th 2016 and is an original work created by Project GN, Wataru Watari is credit with the original plan for the series and series composition and the characters are being designed by QP:flapper. The series which will be handled by Diomedea was originally launched in Dengeki G’s Magazine as an illustrated novel starting on January 30th, later Yuuki Doumoto would launch it in Dengeki G’s Comic’s May issue on March 30th. During July 27th both the novel and manga went on sale as compiled volumes. Below is a plot summary of the series quoted from MAL:

The series follows Chitose Karasuma, a university student who aims to become a voice actress (seiyuu). The stage event listing further indicates that it focuses on the profession of idol seiyuu.

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