Sentai Filmworks adds Flip Flappers

[Image: X1SWdgV.jpg]

An announcement by Snetai Filmworks today has confirmed that they have added the upcoming anime series Flip Flappers, the series is planned to be released both digitally and on home video. The anime series itself is set to be released October 6th 2016 and Pure Illusionist is credited with the original work, the anime studio set to produce the upcoming series is also Studio 3Hz. It should be noted however that the first three episodes were previewed at a screening at Cinemart Shinjuku on September 22nd 2016. Below is a plot summary for the series quoted from MAL:

Papika and Cocona hold the keys to open the door. When the two girls meet, their adventures in a different time and different overlapping dimension called “Pure Illusion” begin. Many things in Pure Illusion will stand in the girls’ way on their search for the mysterious crystal called the “Shard of Mimi,” an item that is said to grant any wish. However, when the girls find themselves in danger, the Shard of Mimi shines, and they are able to transform.


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