Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? receives theatrical screening

[Image: c4j5WfL.jpg]

Today on the official website for Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? it has been confirmed that the special anime episodes for the series this coming May will receive a theatrical screening. There were additional details released in regards to the special as well released on the Twitter in the following link:https://twitter.com/usagi_anime. There was also an announcement image released for this which can be seen above.If you wish to keep up with more news in regards to the upcoming special episode, that can be seen on either the animes website in the following link:http://www.gochiusa.com/. The series mind you originally began as a manga back in January 19th 2011 and is still on going, it would get its first season April 10th 2014 and end June 26th 2014 releasing 12 episodes. A second season would later be released starting on October 10th 2015 and end December 26th 2015 also releasing 12 episodes. Both series are also licensed by Sentai Filmworks and have been released in North America. Finally a plot summary of the second season can be seen below quoted form MAL:

Another year begins at the Rabbit House cafe! After moving from her old town for a change of scenery, high school student Kokoa Hoto works at the cafe as a waitress to pay for room, board, and school. Her coworkers include cute middle schooler Chino Kafuu and constantly armed Rize Tedeza, and her friends work at coffee shops around town. Although it’s not the rabbit cafe Kokoa once thought it was, life at the Rabbit House is turning out to be quite enjoyable.
Along with Sharo Kirima and Chiya Ujimatsu, Kokoa balances work with play, keeping the shop running while studying for exams and staying in touch with her family. During her work study program, she’ll meet struggling novelists and mysterious creatures alike, including Tippy, Chino’s “special” pet rabbit. What’s the story behind the talking bunny? Can Kokoa and company keep Rabbit House in business? And will the taciturn Chino finally look up to her as a big sister?

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