Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter streams announcement video

An announcement promo has streamed today released by Bandai for the Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter anime project, originally the video was released at the Girls und Panzer Heartful Tank Carnival II event which announced the project. It should be noted however that the format of the project is not yet given, the series producer initially stated that it would be another film at a talk event at the Tokyo Game Show but later stated on Twitter that his comments were in error. He then later asked fans to be patient about the format of the project. In other news the cast of Anglerfish Team will join director Tsutomu Mizushima in his first appearance at the 20th Ooarai Anglerfish Festival event on November 13th and the Blu-ray and DVD for the “Girls und Panzer Heartful Tank Carnival II” event will go on sale February 24th. The movie which released November 21st 2015 is a sequel of a 12 episode anime series which released between the dates of October 9th 2012 and ended March 25th 2013. It would later get other spin offs for its anime and a manga adaption as well as a novel series, the novel series would tell the story from Saori’s point of view.

Below is a plot summary of the series quoted from ANN:

Imagine a world where humanity lives on enormous carrier ships. In Girls und Panzer, not only do these community ships support entire towns, they also host military-themed sports events that use tanks. Popular among high school girls, tankery, as the sport is known, claims to make young women strong, graceful, and popular with boys.

Despite this, not every girl likes tankery. Miho Nishizumi comes from a long line of famous tankery practitioners, but a traumatic event drove her to abandon the sport. She even goes as far as to transfer to Oarai High School because it has no tankery team. Unfortunately, Miho joins the student body just as they’re about to resurrect the sport. Because she’s the only girl in the entire high school with prior tankery experience, the student council forces her to join the team. Can Miho’s new friends and teammates help her overcome her traumatic past experiences and go on to win the national tankery championships?


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