Kin-iro Mosaic Pretty Days releases first teaser video

The first teaser video for the upcoming special anime episode Kin-iro Mosaic Pretty Days was streamed today by Kadokawa, the episode itself is set to screen in theaters across Japan on November 12th. The series Kiniro Mosaic began as a manga which first started April 19th 2010 and has since then been ongoing, its first season began July 6th 2013 and ended September 21st 2013 with 12 total episodes airing. Its sequel which has gotten the new special aired April 6th 2015 and finished June 22nd 2015 with 12 episodes releasing, specials for the series would also release for it.

Following this is the plot summary of the specials quoted from ANN:

In the episode, the school festival is on the horizon and something is off with Shinobu. She says she’s been very sleepy in the mornings lately, and it seems she has pushed herself too hard working on the scripts and costumes for their class play. Alice and Yōko, who are in another class, notice her circumstances.



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