Mekakucity Actors receives new anime

Today on the four part Niconico streaming program “Seek at Mekakucity” which had originally begun on August 7th which features characters from the Kagerou Project, it was announced that the series will receive more anime, a announcement image was also released which will be seen later in the article. The current title for the anime series is Mekakucity Reload, the series is not confirmed to be a sequel of the first season but is also not the MX4D short film set for this coming Winter titled Kagerou Daze: In a Day’s. The series which received an anime started on April 13th 2014 and ended June 29th 214 with 12 episodes releasing for it. Originally it was a novel series that began on May 30th 2012 and is still continuing, it would later get a manga starting on June 12th 2012 which is ongoing as well, both released under the title Kagerou Daze.

[Image: mwspCpt.jpg]

Below is a plot summary of the series quoted from MAL:

On the hot summer day of August 14, Shintarou Kisaragi is forced leave his room for the first time in two years. While arguing with the cyber girl Ene who lives in his computer, Shintarou Kisaragi accidentally spills soda all over his keyboard. Though they try to find a replacement online, most stores are closed due to the Obon festival, leaving them with no other choice but to visit the local department store. Venturing outside makes Shintarou extremely anxious, but the thought of living without his computer is even worse. It’s just his luck that on the day he finally goes out, he’s caught in a terrifying hostage situation.
Luckily, a group of teenagers with mysterious eye powers, who call themselves the “Mekakushi Dan,” assist Shintarou in resolving the situation. As a result, he is forced to join their group, along with Ene. Their abilities seem to be like pieces of a puzzle, connecting one another, and as each member’s past is unveiled, the secret that ties them together is slowly brought to light.

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