Little Busters EX licensed by Sentai Filmworks

[Image: VNEGlYE.jpg]

There has been an announcement today by Sentai Filmworks which has confirmed that they have added the series Little Busters EX, releases plans have yet to be unveiled however. The anime adapts the Little Busters! Ecstasy adult visual novel with added and modified scenarios. The series would release 8 total episodes between January 29th 2014 and July 30th 2014, it was also bundled with the home video release of Little! Busters Refrain in 2014. Mind you that its parent story Little Busters! is a visual novel that first released July 27th 2007 on Windows among other platforms. Later the series would get an anime adaption which covered both the main story and Little Busters! Refrain. A manga series of Little Busters! Ecstasy was also released which started on January 26th 2009 and ended June 26th 2012 releasing three total volumes. Finally is a plot summary below quoted from ANN:

The main additions in “Little Busters! Ecstasy” are 3 heroine routes involving the characters Futaki Kanata, Sasasegawa Sasami and Tokido Saya.
The 3 EX heroines’ routes take place of the following:
Saya’s route – Before the events of Refrain.
Sasami’s route – After the events of Refrain.
Kanata’s route – First half of her story is before Refrain and second half is after Refrain.
The episodes will be bundled with the BD/DVD releases of Little Busters!: Refrain.

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