Persona 5 TV anime special unveils new information

There have been new details unveiled by Atlus today in regards to their TV anime special of Persona 5, this was announced at their “Persona 5 Complete Unveiling Premiere” event. The series titled “Persona 5 the Animation -Day Breakers- will be releasing on September 3rd and will be focusing on the prologue story of the young thief organization. At the event we were also shown the games opening animation by Production I.G and Cooperation videos showcasing each of the thief members. It was also confirmed today that Hisato Murasaki will launch a Persona 5 manga on Shogakukan’s Manga One app on September 15th and on the Ura Sunday website on September 22nd.

Persona 5 games opening animation:

Cooperation videos:

The game which will be releasing September 15th in Japan and February 14th in the US for the PS3 and PS4 is now currently accepting pre-orders on Japan’s PSN store, you will receive a skill card set by pre-ordering it on Japan’s PSN store and it will also offer a special addition with additional DLC. In other news an additional performance by the previously announced Game Syphony Japan 18th Concert Atlus Special ~Persona 20th Anniversary~ orchestra project. The newly added performance is set for November 27th at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, also the Persona 30th Fes event will run from December 8th to December 18th at the Arts Chiyoda 3331 complex in Tokyo’s Akihabara in the style of high school festivals.  Next AKG will offer the wireless headphones AKG K845BT which recreates the headphones used by the character Futaba Sakura for 39,800 yen, pre-orders have started for this as of today.
[Image: A8O1fUq.jpg]

The game will also have two special editions,  a “Take Your Heart” and “Steel Book” launch editions. In the Take Your Heart edition that will include soundtrack CD in a CD sleeve with special Persona 5 artwork, 4′ Morgana plush, 64 page hardcover art book by character designer Shigenori Soejima and a school bag which is designed after tradition Japanese school bags, this will cost $89.99. The Steel Book launch edition will cost $59.99 and have the same SteelBook case as the Take Your Heart edition. Finally the regular PS3 edition of the game will be priced at $49.99.

Take Your Heart edition:
[Image: Nu2cFYO.jpg]
Steel Book edition:
[Image: Jp2tKPI.jpg]

Regular PS3 edition:
[Image: 27233670350_4e84b8e590_b.jpg]

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