Fate/Extella reveals 1st TV ad

A TV commercial was released today by Marvelous Inc. for the upcoming Fate/Extella game which is set for the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on November 10th, and this Winter for its localization release under the title Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. In the commercial it reveals the winner of the first Servant Festa Summer fan poll in regards to which team the fans support. The three teams consist of Nero Caludius’s which consists of hereself, Mumei and Gawain, Tamamo no Mae’s team is made up of herself, Karna, Elizabeth Barthory and Lu Bu and finally Attilia’s team consists of herself, Gilgamesh and Jeanne d’Arc. In the end the team which won the most votes was Tamamo no Mae’s team, the video can be seen below but it is region locked however in Australia, Germany, New Zealand and the US:

On the main website for the game there is another poll taking place which will choose which Fate/Zero servant is chosen to be playable in the game and join Attila’s party, the servants available for choosing are Iskander, Gilles de Rais, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Hassan-i-Sabbah and Lancelot. The poll will be ending on July 18th 10:00 am(July 17th 9:00 pm) and the results will be announced on July 20th. The link for the website can be seen in the following link for the voting:http://festa.fate-extella.jp/.

There will also be a limited edition for both the PS4 and PS Vita editions and have a Saber Bride 3D mouse pad, Fate/Extella material and a bondage wedding dress for Nero Claudius and an outfit that hasn’t been specified yet for Gilgamesh. Each of the editions will be getting their own Fate/Extella Material and a DLC, the PS4 version will have a Nero Claudius outfit while the PS Vita will have a Gilgamesh outfit DLC. These bonuses for the upcoming game can be seen below:
[Image: NdDoUTN.jpg]

You will also be able to receive a Purity night dress DLC outfit for both Nero Claudius or Artoria Pendragon with first print copies of the game:
[Image: F9Ouy1r.jpg]

Coldhearted Bloodless Warden outfit for Gilgamesh:
[Image: qI1mhFH.jpg]

The game will feature a total of 16 playable servants which consist of the following:
Nero’s Party:
-Nero Claudius(Saber)

Tamamo no Mae’s Party:
-Tamamo no Mae(Caster)
-Elizabeth Barthory(Lancer)
-Lu Bu(Berserker)

Attila’s Party:
-Jeanne d’Arc(Ruler)

-Artoria Pendragon(Saber)

The game which was also added by XSEED Games. Originally the first Fate/Extra released in Japan in 2010 then North America November 2011. A sequel titled Fate/Extra CCC released in Japan March 2013. All games released on the PSP. Below is a summary of the game by XSEED Games and quoted from ANN:

Expanding upon the extensive and much-beloved Fate universe with a standalone story from acclaimed series writer Kinoko Nasu(of Fate/stay night fame), Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, developed by Marvelous Inc., transpires on the new world of Extella through a diverse cast of “Servants” – ancient warriors of legend and imagination, always at their Masters’ orders – who survived the Holy Grail War that took place on the Moon. In a future ruled by the all-powerful lunar super computer Moon Cell Automaton, these champions now duke it out for dominance over this digital realm, known as “SE.RA.PH.” This story takes place after the events described in Fate/EXTRA, and depicts the world after that previous Holy Grail War. Players will experience the story from the independent perspectives of the three heroine Servants and face off against foes from a variety of Fate productions, including characters from Fate/stay night, Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order, in fast-paced action. A new form change battle mechanic debuts in this entry to match its series-first gameplay style, transforming the player-controlled Servants and granting them considerable powers that allow them to devastate enemies and take formidable challenges head-on.

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