Gal*Gun: Double Peace Western release delayed by two weeks

Today the official Twitter for game publisher PQube announced that it has delayed the release of Inti Creats’ Gal*Gun: Double Peace PS4 and PS Vita game by two weeks. The release for the game is now set for July 29th in Europe and August 2nd in North America. Originally mind you the game was set for July 15th in Europe and July 19th in North America. Originally the game released in Japan for the PS4 and PS Vita last August. It should be noted that Inti Creates was seeking an international publisher for the game last year due to the games positive reception from fans outside of Japan. The purpose of the game is having players deal with waves of girls with “Phermone Shots”. Players in the game can also target the weak spots of the girls with an “Ecstasy Shot” and other special weapons. The game will be set at Sakurazaki High School one year after the previous game.


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