Sekai Project announces World End Economica on PS4/PS Vita plus more

At the Anime Expo today it has been stated by Sekai project that they will be releasing the visual novel World End Economica for the PS4 and PS Vita in 2017. They also confirmed the released of SakuSaku, A Magical Girl High School Girl games for PC via Steam, Baldr Sky Dive 1 “Lost Memory” and Baldr Sky Drive 2 “Recodare”, Sunrider: Liberation Day on Steam and Boku to Koisuru Ponkotsu Akuma for PC via There was also confirmation that said they are working with Neko Works to take pre-orders for Neko Para collectible figure sets. Each of the sets will come with 8 figures one for each Nekopara cat girl and will ship in December with a Nekopara shikishi board. Finally they have also announced that their release of the GATE manga should happen within the next month or two for the first volume as soon as the publisher has given approval.

[Image: SxJNNWh.jpg]

Sekai project is set to release the World End Economica game digitally on PSN and with Limited Run Games will release physical editions for the game. Both of the editions for the game will include all three episodes of the game. Back in 2014 a kickstarter was launched by Sekai Project to released the games on Steam, another one would follow for the final two games.  The first episode released August 13 2011 in Japan, the second episode August 11th 2012 and the final episode August 12th 2013 for Windows. Below is a plot summary of the series quoted from

Roughly 16 years after the people who emigrated to the Moon had settled themselves.
An age where a great number of people are chasing their wild dreams within the great skyscraper at humanity’s frontier.
A young boy named Haru, born and raised on the Moon, is one of those people chasing his wildest dream.
His dream, is to stand where no man has before.
In order to do so, he needed capital. A ludicrous amount of capital.
The boy named Haru was facing a place that gathered up people’s desires. Sometimes it granted them, and sometimes it crushed them mercilessly.
There are only two key rules that govern that land.
The first rule, is to never take a loss.
The second rule, is to never forget the first.
Only those who followed these rules were able to obtain enormous wealth.
The stock market.
A place that has gathered crowds of persistant men and women for centuries.

[Image: IbGjoLL.jpg]

The visual novel Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, also known as SakuSaku which is set for a western release by Sekai Project originally released June 27th 2014 in japan for Windows. Below is the plot summary quoted from

Spring is the flowering season, the season of the cherry blossoms. It is the time for first meetings and partings, when the buds start sprouting.
Yuma is a second-year student at Mihaya Academy who listens to love problems from girls at the school and gives them thoughtful advice. This has made him quite popular and loved, resulting in a 21,000 yen (taxes included) ‘love bounty’ placed on him. The girls came to him with problems ranging from jealousy to infidelity. Having heard about so many troubles related to love, Yuma lost any desire he had for it.
One day, a mysterious girl appeared before him. She had never been in love, but she believed that it was a wonderful thing. She asked him if he would like to be in love, and that as a love fairy, she will help his love come true.
A girl who cannot fall in love. A boy who has no interest in love. If they end up falling in love with each other, how will the world change?

[Image: QHP2jJ1.jpg]

The game A Magical High School Girl which is being developed by illuCalab will release this Summer in Japan for the PC and iOS. No specific release date has been given yet however for the upcoming game. There was a teaser released which can be seen below:

Below is the plot summary quoted from ANN and provided by Sekai Project:

Scheduled for release later this summer on iOS and PC from illuCalab, A Magical High School Girl is an enchanting magic-crafting role playing game with real time battles. Limited only by the imagination and creativity of the player, craft and create magical spells using almost any word or word combination to fend off a wide range of spirits, monsters, and fiends. Specific keywords will determine the power, element and various other parameters of the spell.

[Image: BALDR_SKY_Dive1%E2%80%9CLostMemory%E2%80..._cover.jpg]

Next are the Baldr Sky games developed by “cyberpunk action RPG’s”, the two games Baldr “Sky Lost Memory” and Baldr Sky “Recodare”. The games will release on Steam by Sekai project. In the following video you can see the opening videos for each of the games:

Below is the plot summary quoted from

In an alternate future where Nanomachines have helped shape a new world and humanity has embedded “always-on” access to the Internet, a virtual war is waged online. Using the aid of Nanomachines, a young boy by the name of Kou Kadokura seeks to restore his memory and avenge the death of his girlfriend, Sora, whose life was taken from her during the tragedy known as “Gray Christmas.” With a deep, story-driven narrative and the opportunity to pilot, upgrade, and modify their simulacrum (mechs), players will take to the virtual battlefield in top-down battles against virus-infected simulacrum.

Sunrider Shining Song Starnova which is by California based developer Love in Space is confirmed for a Steam release by Sekai Project, the game is an idol themed visual novel. It has also been stated that they will be publishing and releasing its first original IP Japanese School Life under the newly established brand Code:jp, two games will additionally release afterwards. Finally a PV was released for the game at the Anime Expo:

Below is a plot summary for the game quoted from

Players will assume the role of Mr. Producer, who takes seven imperfect talents under his wing at Shining Productions. When the girls debut as the idol group STARNOVA, the task of lifting these starlets to fame rests solely on the shoulders of Mr. Producer. As they face various trials and hardships, the aspiring idols soon discover that the industry is nowhere near as perfect as it is portrayed by media.
This is the story of STARNOVA’s trials, their laughs, and their tears, as the seven girls walk the thorny path to stardom…

[Image: 5M6TepO.png?1]

Our last game set for release by Sekai Project is the game Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma, Sekai Project will be releasing the all ages version of the visual novel. Below is the plot summary quoted form
Ren’s virginity is in danger! His childhood friend Riria was frantically trying to pull down his pants and begging to touch his dick. The truth is that she’s actually a succubus and was embarrassed not having any sexual experience at her age.

He was suddenly pushed into the school’s special dormitory. It was a girls’ dormitory full of ponkotsu (affectionately useless) demons: Yuu, the yuki-onna who was extremely sensitive to the cold; Arle, the mummy girl who is uncomfortable with tightness and loves the feeling of freedom; Emiri, the hopeless angel who has no sense of modesty and who is also his step sister; and, Miyabi, the witch who passionately develops a love drug to bring happiness to the world. The dormitory was built to rehabilitate them and since he was mistakenly moved there, he was assigned as an assistant to watch over them. His happy and troublesome days as a teacher for these cute but incompetent demons has begun.

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