Persona 5 US release to have only English audio and text

A confirmation recently has stated that the upcoming Persona 5 game will not have a dual language option,  due to this the game will only have English audio and text. There was a statement by Atlus saying that the games English script “provides a faithful and engaging play experience.” There were also two gameplay videos released today at E3, one was released by IGN and the other by Gamespot releasing the same gameplay video but with theirs including Morgana’s English dub voice. The game will release September 15th in Japan and in the US February 14th 2017 for the PS3 and PS4, its animation sequences are being done by Production I.G as well.

The upcoming game is set to have two special editions,  a “Take Your Heart” and “Steel Book” launch editions. In the Take Your Heart edition that will include soundtrack CD in a CD sleeve with special Persona 5 artwork, 4′ Morgana plush, 64 page hardcover art book by character designer Shigenori Soejima and a school bag which is designed after tradition Japanese school bags, this will cost $89.99. The Steel Book launch edition will cost $59.99 and have the same SteelBook case as the Take Your Heart edition. Finally the regular PS3 edition of the game will be priced at $49.99.

Take Your Heart edition:
[Image: Nu2cFYO.jpg]

Steel Book edition:
[Image: Jp2tKPI.jpg]

Regular PS3 edition:
[Image: 27233670350_4e84b8e590_b.jpg]

The anime special titled “Persona 5 the Animation -The Day Breakers- will be airing in September before the games release, it will recount the prologue story of the young thief organization at the center of the game:
[Image: CBP8ehz.jpg]

There has also been an orchestral concert confirmed that will begin on August 13th. A “Persona 20th Fes” set to be a “immersive Persona cultural festival” in the style of high school festivals. This will be at the Arts Chiyoda 3331 complex in Tokyo’s Akihabara district in December to celebrate the franchises 20th anniversary.
[Image: rgjeTUk.jpg]
[Image: dwCL7ZO.jpg]

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