Shoujo City – indie anime game for Android

Shoujo City is an indie anime game, developed by Laika Studio, and released at Google Play for Android mobile devices. The game is focused on dating cute anime girls in a virtual Japanese city, with the final goal of winning the love of one girl by the end of ten days period. The player can ask out a girl for a date, give her gifts, invite for a dinner, play mini-games.

The game combines elements of classic visual novels, where the player will have to talk to a girl during date to improve their intimacy score, and free-roaming sandbox style gameplay, where the player can explore various locations in the city to obtain more cosplay items, buy gifts and food, complete quests, catch pet animals, and find new dating spots.

An iOS version of the game is planned for release later in 2016.

[Image: aVV2osT.png]

[Image: gFpkhlL.png]

[Image: 8EMl4gj.png]

The following article is to promote the game Shoujo City by Moe Wars user Laika16, you can see their original write up in the article in the following link:

His game page on the forum can be seen in the following link:

And finally their website ca also be seen in the following link:


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