Seven Seas adds There’s A Demon Lord on the Floor

[Image: QIlwecq.jpg]

Today Seven Seas Entertainment has announced that they have added the manga series There’s A Demon Lord on the Floor, they will be releasing the first compiled book volume of the manga on February 28th 2017. Originally the series was released by both Masaki and Hato in Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine on October 2013. The third compiled volume of the manga released March 23rd in Japan and it is still ongoing publication. Below is a plot summary of the manga series quoted form MAL:

Amon Patricia is a powerful Demon Lord who one day finds herself on the receiving end of a vicious attack by the Clan of Light. Fleeing to fight another day, Patricia finds herself in the human world! Looking to blend in, she immediately seeks work and finds herself on the doorstep of the Humming Dining restaurant. She falls in love with their cooking immediately, and now the head chef has plenty more on his plate as he must sate the Demon Lord’s appetites, while shaping her into the perfect employee!


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