Fate/Extella releases new images

Today new images have been released in Famitsu’s magazine issue for this week in regards to the upcoming game by Marvelous, these will show off the servants in action in which have been announced thus far. Mind you that not all of the images are very good quality. The game will be releasing in Japan November 10th 2016 in Japan and will feature 16 servants in total.Thus far the Saber class servants Nero Claudius, Attila, Artoria Pendragon, the Ruler class servant Jeanne D’Arc, the Caster class servant Tamamo no Mae, the Archer class servants Mumei and Gilgamesh and the Lancer class servant Elizabeth Bathory have been announced thus far. The game which was added by XSEED Games will release on the PS4 and PS Vita will be an action game with hack and slash elements. The game is also not a sequel linked to the previous Fate/Extra’s. Originally the first Fate/Extra released in Japan in 2010 then North America November 2011. A sequel titled Fate/Extra CCC released in Japan March 2013. All games released on the PSP.


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