Steins;Gate 0 heads to West for PS4 and PS Vita

It has been announced by retailer Rice Digital that United Kingdom distribution PQube has confirmed its release plans for Steins;Gate 0 in both North America and Europe. The game is set for release in those countries this year for the PS4 and PS Vita. From what has also been confirmed Rice Digital is that they will be presenting a trailer at London MCM Comic-con this weekend. They will also be distributing posters to those who whisper the lines “El Psy Kongroo” to the staff. Originally just yesterday three Spanish retailers an English version of the game. The game originally released for the PS3, PS Vita and PS4 back in December in Japan and released for the PC in Japan this coming June 24th.

The standard edition for the Japan release will cost 7,800 yen, its digital version 6,800 yen and a limited edition 15,000 yen. The limited edition will include a Makise Kurisu tapestry which will by illustrated by huke. Other bonuses for the limited edition include a Okabe Rintarou and Mayuri Shiina acrylic charm set which will be illustrated by Yu-pon. Finally a micro-fiber cloth, script replica and Steins;Gate 0 x Shotmusic RemixMedley will also be included. Mind you that a rebroadcast episode was released December 3rd 2015 which leads into the Steins;Gate 0 route. The anime adaption of said route is not yet confirmed however. Now below is a plot summary for the upcoming game quoted from

A “true sequel”, which takes place in the Beta Timeline, where Okabe had given up on saving Kurisu. He returned to his daily life, but was suffered by the flashbacks of the other timelines and the death of Kurisu.
There’s a system known as “Amadeus” existed, which is still in the stage of development. It was able to save human’s memories. Okabe was told that the Amadeus was inputted with Kurisu’s memories and he was requested by Alexis Leskinen, a professor to cooperate with him as a Amadeus tester. The Amadeus was inputted with Kurisu’s memories before she had ever met Okabe.
It will include stories from three of the Steins;Gate novels, as well from some drama CDs.

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