The Leisure of Grisaia bonus episode confirmed for Steam release

It has been announced by game developer Frontwing that they will be releasing The Fruit of Grisaia’s bonus episode “The Leisure of Grisaia” via Steam on May 18th for $2.99. The episode was originally offered as a download code included with the third Japanese DVD and Blu-ray of The Eden of Grisaia and has not been released in English prior to this. The story of the episode focuses on Michiru Matsushima. It should be noted that the fifth DVD and Blu-ray volume of The Eden of Grisaia similarly had included a PC game bonus episode for The Labyrinth of Grisaia titled “The Afterglow of Grisaia”. There was also another side story titled “The Melody of Grisaia” which was included with the first printings of Frontwing’s From the Future Unying visual novel. Mind you that last year Sekai Project launched The Fruit of Grisaia on Steam last year, the other two games The Labyrinth of Grisaia and The Eden of Grisaia have been greenlit on Steam.

The game originally released in Japan on the PC February 25th 2011 under the title “The Fruit of Grisaia, it would later release for the PSP, PS Vita and Android as well. There would later be sequels of the story titled “The Labyrinth of Grisaia” and “The Eden of Grisaia” later released. The game was also later adapted into a anime which began airing October 5th 2014 and ended December 28th 2015 with a total of 13 episodes releasing for it. The other games have also received anime adaptions as well, now for those of you unfamiliar with the visual novel below is a plot summary quoted from ANN that was also provided by Sekai Project:

“Mihama Academy.” At a glance, it might seem a normal school; but this isolated learning environment is home to a mere five students, all female.
This changes with the arrival of Kazami Yuuji, a transfer student with an uncertain past and a highly idiosyncratic personality.
As Yuuji interacts with his five classmates, all borderline-eccentrics in their own right, they begin to influence each other in unexpected, meaningful ways…
But the deep-seated, painful wounds that have brought these five young women to Mihama are still a fact of their existence. And eventually, our protagonist can no longer remain a spectator.
Will Yuuji’s peculiar set of skills and experiences enable him to open his classmates’ stubbornly-sealed hearts…?

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