Kingdom Hearts X to end service to September

Today Square Enix made an announcement that they will be ending its service for their Kingdom Hearts X PC browser game this coming December. More information such as when specifically the service will end, when any and all billing information will be ended and other services related to the game. The game had released originally back in 2013 for PC but never outside of Japan. Later the game would be release in Japan as a smartphone game titled “Kingdom hearts Unchauned X” for the iOS and Android on June 18th 2015. That game later presented at E3 for its western release on the same platforms, and just today the game has release on said platforms in the west. The game is a free to play game as well but has game purchases. If you have played both games you will be also able to port your avatars from Kingdom Hearts X to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. In the game you play as a keyblade wielder which you can create during the Keyblade War.


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