Kingdom Hearts Unchained X releases launch trailer

A launch trailer was released today by Square Enix regarding their Kingdom Hearts Unchained X smartphone game which released today which will be shown later in the article. The game is now available for iOS and Android. Originally the game released in Japan back in September and for the iOS and Android, back on June 18th 2015 the game was presented at E3 for its western release on the same platforms. The game is also be a free to play game as well but include in game purchases, originally the game released under the title Kingdom Hearts X as a PC browser game which only saw a release in Japan. If you have played both games you will be also able to port your avatars from Kingdom Hearts X to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

Regarding the story and gameplay the game will take place in a distant past with you as a keyblade wielder, you will strengthen it by collecting medals and collect character medals as well while exploring Disney world You may use the medals for powerful attacks and both create and use decks. There will also be a thing for players to aim for called “one turn finish battles”. Now originally back in May Nomura stated in Weekly Famitsu that an overseas release was always in mind. It was also stated that many of the American play testers found it to be a card game. Due to wanting to give the game a different impression, Nomura changed the game to using medals. Finally due the game having in game voice chat, there are also possible plans for servers divided by language.


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