XSEED Games adds Fate/Extella

Today it has been confirmed that XSEED has registered a new domain titled “FateExtella.com” which for those of you who are unfamiliar is the confirmed name for the upcoming Fate/Extra game being developed by Marvelous. The domain is just barely a few days old so any further announcements by XSEED Games regarding this may be a while. One thing for certain however is that this more likely then not means that Fate/Extella will be localized by XSEED Games, the game itself is set for Japan sometime this year for the PS4 and PS Vita. The game was first announced on March 15th 2016. The upcoming game will be a action game with hack and slash elements and the game itself is not a sequel linked to the previous Fate/Extra’s. Originally the first Fate/Extra released in Japan in 2010 then North America November 2011. A sequel titled Fate/Extra CCC released in Japan March 2013. All games released on the PSP. Below is also a image from what can be seen as a screenshot regarding the upcoming game:

[Image: GADIesi.jpg]

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