Melty Blood: Actress Again – Current Code set on Steam for April 19th

A trailer was released today by Arc System Works for their Steam release of French-Bread’s Melty Blood: Actress Again – Current Code fighting game which will release on Steam April 19th. In the trailer it previews the games characters and also showcases the multiplayer mode of the game and will be seen later in the article. On the official website for the game there are also translated screenshots released regarding the games story. It should be noted that this is the final installment of the Melty Blood fighting game series and will release for $24.99 on Steam upon its launch, however for one week when it first launches it will be available at a 20% discount. Originally the game received a PC release in 2011 but was only bundled with the limited Blu-ray and Disc of Carnival Phantasm’s 3rd season anime. The game serves as a sequel to Tsukihime and one year after the Tatari incident which left Misaki Town Scarred. It began as a fan game in 2002 and has had multiple releases in arcades, PS2 and PC.


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