Aniplex USA adds Haifuri, The Asterisk War season 2

[Image: GX5BpU4.jpg]

It has been announced in a press release that Aniplex of America has licensed the series Haifuri and The Asterisk War season 2. Starting off with the series Hafuri which is currently being produced by Projection IMS, itwill be releasing its first episode starting on April 10th. The series is based off of a manga series which started back on October 27th 2015 and has since then been ongoing publication. Aniplex of America will be streaming the series starting on April 9th, an official english website for the series can also be seen in the following link: The voice actress group under the name of TrySail will be performing the opening theme song “High Free Spirits”, Luna Haruna will be performing the ending theme song “Ripple Effect”.

[Image: LCwgzOa.jpg]

On to the next series, The Asterisk War season 2, that series like the first season is being produced by A-1 Pictures will be releasing on April 2nd, its first season released October 3rd 2015 and ended December 19th 2015 with 12 episodes. It adapts a novel series originally that released September 25th 2012 and is still ongoing. That novel series would later get a manga which began on September 25th 2012 and has been continuing since then. The series will also be streamed on Aniplex of America and other sites an hour after its initial air date. Shiena Nishizawa will perform the second seasons opening “The Asterisk War” and Haruka Chisuga will preform ending theme song “Aoi no Uta -words of love-“. Lastly is a plot summary for both which can be seen below:

Ha-Furi’s story quoted from MAL:

With Japan having developed as a maritime nation, it became necessary to have specialized schools to teach skills essential to protecting the sea. The setting is one such all-girls school. The girls who enroll here study to become “blue mermaids,” through classroom instruction and teaching of practical skills.
“Blue mermaids” are women who pursue the ocean for their professional occupation. They live by the motto “In the sea we live, the sea we protect, and by the sea we go.” They must excel in their studies, but must also adopt an international mindset. They are the “Elite of the Sea,” and are expected to be knowledgeable of the customs and cultures of other countries as well as their own.

The Asterisk Wars story quoted from MAL:

Long, long ago, an epic catastrophe, known as Invertia, caused a complete change in the world’s power balance. In the years following this disaster, a group known as the Integrated Enterprise Foundation rose to power. In addition to this massive change, a new breed of humans born with amazing physical skills known as Genestella also emerged and joined the ranks of humanity.
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk follows the story of Ayato Amagiri, a student who has just transferred into one of the six most elite schools for Genestella students in the world—Seidoukan Academy—where students learn to control their powers and duel against each other in entertainment battles known as festas. Unfortunately, Ayato gets off to a rough start. When trying to return a lost handkerchief to a female classmate, he accidentally sees her changing which leads to her challenging him to a duel. What most people don’t realize however, is that Ayato has no real interest in festas and instead has an alternative motive for joining this prestigious school. What is Ayato’s big secret? Will he be able to keep up his act when surrounded by some of the greatest Genestella in the world?

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