Fate/Extra action game announced for PS Vita/PS4

Just today the countdown on the project-cosmos.jp website has both ended and confirmed that the new project for Fate/Extra will be an action game, set to release on the PS Vita and PS4 by Marvelous Inc. Nasu has also confirmed that hack and slash game elements will be apart of the game, he also said that nothing more can be said yet regarding it, and the staff members were free to do whatever they wished when developing it. This is a reason that this is not a sequel nor letting the game become Fate/Extra 3. Those games first released in Japan 2010 under the title Fate/Extra, then North America November 2011 and a sequel titled Fate/Extra CCC released in Japan March 2013. All games released on the PSP. It has also been said that Kadokawa’s Weekly Famitsu will be publishing a four page coverage of the Fate series transitioning to this action game. Messages by series creator Kinoku Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi will also be included. Now the feature regarding the game will be showcasing the saber class servant Nero Claudius and teases with the following text that says “Servants’ battles enter a new dimension….” after Fate/Extra. Below are images that can be seen featuring the upcoming game:

[Image: rSnMHP3.jpg]
[Image: N89kfkY.jpg]

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