website features Fate/Extra countdown

The website in the following link titled “”: has just recently launched and with the text that says “A new fate begins to stir”. This is shown in both Japanese and English text in an image which will be shown later in the article. Now the countdown itself is set to end on this coming March 15th at 6:00 PM JST. From what has also been said the registrant for the website is Marvelous Inc. and the source code for the website features hidden ASCII art which will also be shown later in the article. In said image however the symbol shown resembles the command seal shape that the protagonist of Fate/Extra had. That game originally released in Japan in 2010 and would later release in America November 2011. The Fate/Extra CCC companion game would later release in Japan only on the PSP March 2013.

The image of the countdown and text:
[Image: oGPtXiV.jpg]

The image of the source code symbol resembling the command seal used by the protagonist in Fate/Extra:
[Image: 1Hovhzk.jpg]

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