Kicktstarter campain for WAS The Hourglass of Lepidoptera canceled

Confirmation today has been stated by visual novel distributor/localizer and and manga publisher Sekai Project that it has cancelled its kickstarter campaign for WAS The Hourglass of Lepidoptera. A statement was given by them regarding this which noted that many issues were going on between themselves and SRL, including legal issues and noncompliance. From what was also said stealth marketing was also being used by SRL in which they were using paid reviews which violates Steams terms of service. All this lead to Sekai Projects eventual canceled support of the project itself. Refunds for undelivered copies of the game will be given, though whatever copies were made will still be shipped out. Refunds for the shikishi boards will also be given due to SRL failing to meet the required amount for backers of the project.

Furthermore the games release will be removed from Steam and will most likely be sooner rather then later. If you have already bought the game and have your Steam key however you will be able to keep your copy of the game. Now originally the campaign started back on October 2014 and had a goal of $10,000 to localize the game with an estimated date of delivery set for April 2015. In the end the campaign ended November 2014 and had ended up raising $59,740 with 1,140 people in total supporting it. Due to backer feedback Sekai Project had also decided to hold off on the making of physical copies until all the voices were recorded. A four panel manga and illustration book however was released by Sekai Project back in January. Originally the visual novel released in Japan on August 2014 to raise awareness of tourism for Tottori City in the Chuugoku region of Japan. Lastly a plot summary of the visual novel is quoted from VNDB.ord can be seen below:

The keyword for this game is dystopia. The game is set in Post-War Japan, yet this Japan is unfamiliar and strange compared to the one we know from history. Journey with the characters as they meet new people and encounter high drama that will forever change them and uncover the mysteries of the world they inhabit.
In this dystopian world, nothing is what it seems. Though the character seem to be in a land of peace and plenty, we quickly discover that nothing could be further away from the truth. Though WAS might appear to be a bishoujo game, we wish to present a brand-new interpretation of the concept.

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