Owarimonogatari’s Soadchi Lost arc showcases new OP

On the official website for the Monogatari Series, a new preview video was released for “Yuudachi Houteishiki” which will be shown later in the article, the following is the theme song for Sodachi Oikura for the Sodachi Lost arc for the series Owarimonogatari. The new OP mind you is an exclusive addition to those who buy the home video version of the episodes. In the upcoming third volume for Owarimonogatari’s Blu-ray and DVD home video release. It will be featuring episodes 4, 5 and 6, it also covers the Soadachi Lost arc of Owarimonogatari which shipped just today. A CD with the Yuudachi Houteishiki song will also be included and a commentary track in which the voice actors comment as their characters. The track for this includes Sodachi Oikura voiced by Marina Inoue and Hitagi Senjougahara who is voiced by Chiwa Saito.

The series Owarimonogatari premiered last October and would also begin airing with a one hour special. The series would release 12 total episodes starting on October 4th 2015 and end December 20th 2015. The series is adapting the Monogatari Series: Final Series novel which began releasing September 28th 2012 and was completed on September 18th 2014 with 6 volumes being released for it. A plot summary for the series is as followed quoted from MAL:

During the month of October of his third year in high school, Koyomi Araragi is introduced to a transfer student named Ougi Oshino by his underclassman Kanbaru Suruga. Ougi tells Koyomi that she has something she wishes to consult with him. When she draws the map of Naoetsu High School, she finds something peculiar. This discovery reveals a tale that wasn’t meant to be told, and this makes Koyomi’s high school life totally different. This is the story that brings to light “what” makes Koyomi Araragi. This is the story that reveals the “beginning” of everything.

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