Spice and Wolf 10th Anniversary News

Isuna Hasekura’s “Moe Economics” series Spice and Wolf will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary on Feb 10. It’s been announced that Hasekura is in the works for writing a sequel. The sequel will appear in the 49th volume of Dengeki Bunko Magazine, which Kadokawa will ship on April 9. A website has been launched, and further details will be revealed. An illustration of Holo presented with text reads “The story of Holo the Wise Wolf and the peddler Lawrence is set in motion once more!!”

[Image: a51a9ac32099efa116773385eababf4d1454933712_full.jpg]

The following article was originally published by Moe Wars user blitzcreig, you can see their article which was originally published on Moe Wars in the following link:http://moewars.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=3299&pid=494884#pid494884


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