Dark Souls series receives comic

It has been announced by Comic publisher Titan Comics last week that it will be launching a comic book series based off of the Banda Namco Entertainment video game series Dark Souls. The first issue will be releasing this coming April with George Mann as the writer and illustrated by Alan Quah. From what has been said the comic book will not be adapting the game but rather tell its own original stories which will be set in the same universe. Now the first issue will have five covers including a game cover not pictured below, the other covers can be seen later in the article. Let it be known that the Dark Souls III game, the latest in the series will ship in Japan March 24th for the PS4 and Xbox One and will receive a PC release April 12th. The game will then follow to get a Europe and North America on April 12th. The first game of the series released September 22nd 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and a PC release August 23rd 2012. Its sequel Dark Souls 2 would release March 11th 2014 on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, its PC release would be April 24th 2014. As of last April the remastered version Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin released back in April 2015.

Dark Souls game cover:
[Image: 3c8TIom.jpg]

The concept art cover:
[Image: 94WsM8D.jpg]

A variant cover by Joshua Cassara:
[Image: JoJwlTN.jpg]

A variant cover by Marco Turini:
[Image: 1Is1gNC.jpg]

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