Non Non Biyori gets OAD

At the Nyanpasu Matsuri Repeat na Non event for Non non Biyori, a new OAD for the anime series has been announced, the OAD is set to ship with the 10th volume of the Non Non Biyori manga on September 23rd. The series mind you has already released an anime season adapting its manga which originally released October 8th 2013 and ended December 24th 2013 airing 12 total episodes. An OVA for it would later release July 23rd 2014 and have only a single episode released for it, the second season would follow releasing July 7th 2015 and end September 22nd 2015 with 12 episodes airing. The manga that the series is based off of originally began its releasing starting on September 26th 2009 and has since then been ongoing. The plot summary of the series is as follows quoted from MAL:

Asahigaoka might look like typical, boring countryside to most; however, no day in this village can ever be considered colorless thanks to five students of varying ages occupying the only class in the only school in town. The youngest student is first grader Renge Miyauchi, who brings an unadulterated wit, curiosity, and her characteristic catchphrase, “Nyanpasu!” Then there are the Koshigaya siblings consisting of the quiet ninth grader and elder brother Suguru, diminutive eighth grader Komari, and the mischievous seventh grader Natsumi, whose appearance may fool you at first thanks to her constantly emulating her more mature older sister. The recent arrival of Tokyo-raised fifth grader Hotaru Ichijou, who appears overdeveloped for her age and thus naturally holds an air of maturity, rounds out this lively and vibrant group of five classmates.

Based on the manga penned and illustrated by Atto, Non Non Biyori chronicles the not-so-normal daily lives of this group of friends as they engage in their own brand of fun and frolic, and playfully struggle with the realities of living in a rural area.


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