Touhou Memories of Phantasm 6th episode releases promo

The doujin circle Manpaku Jinja released a new promo recently regarding its sixth episode of Kaleidoscope of Illusions: The Memories of Phantasm. The sixth episode is titled “Flower’s Disaster Chapter Part II. At the ending of the episode it also features a preview for the next phantasm. Manpaku Jinja screened and distributed the episode at the Fall Reitaisai even on October 13th, the following episode is also available at doujinshi shops. Now mind you that the series is a doujin work and not a official work by the doujin group Manpaku Jinja which created the series that originally released in August 2011 at comiket 80. The second episode released at last May’s Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai and episodes third and four were streamed at the Winter comiket last year. Finally the fifth one released last June. The promo video which was released today that can be seen below:


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