Route Double kickstarter to launch under Sekai Project

It has been announced that videogame localizer Sekai project has announced a kickstarter for Route Double -Before Crime * After Days-:Xtend Edition. The kickstarter is set for January 5th and the goal for it is set at $135,000. Sekai Project has confirmed they will be releasing Route Double -Before Crime * After Days-: Xtend Edition in collaboration with Lemnisca Translations. The game mind you originally released on the Xbox 360 on June 14th 2012 and would later get a PC release on September 28th 2012, and PS3 release on October 24th 2013 and a PS Vita release on that same day. Its PC release is Route Double -Before Crime * After Days- while its PS3 and PS Vita release was Route Double -Before Crime * After Days-: Xtend Edition. Another edition of the game titled Route Double -Before Crime * After Days-: Yeti Beast would also be release for the PC April 30th 2015. Following this is the OP that you can see for Route Double -Before Crime * After Days-: Xtend Edition.

Below is a plot summary of the game quoted from ANN and provided by Sekai Project:

Rescue squad captain Watase Kasasagi wakes up without his memories in the middle of his most critical mission yet– a nuclear meltdown at a research facility. In an unfamiliar place and without his years of training, he must rescue the survivors and escape… but could the key to the mystery behind the incident lie in the mind of Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a seemingly ordinary student?


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