Sentai Filmworks adds Tonari no Seki-kun

[Image: 6QZZI8u.jpg]

Recently an announcement by Sentai Filmworks has confirmed that the anime series Tonari no Seki-kun is being licensed by them. It will be available through select digital outlets first before being released on home video. The series originally began airing January 6th 2014 and would run until May 26th 2014 releasing 21 episodes. Originally the series was a manga which started publication on July 5th 2010 and has since then continued. In 2012 it was also nominated for the 5th Manga Taishou Award and since January 13th 2015 has been published in english under the title “My Neighbor Seki”. It has also been published in Spanish by Tomodomo Ediciones. The series has also released an OVA as well as specials too for its release. Follow this is its story which is below quoted from MAL:

The original manga revolves around a girl named Yokoi who sits next to a boy only known as Seki-kun. During class, Seki-kun continues to not pay attention and instead creates amazing little distractions, such as a detailed golf course with the course’s hole being a dent in his desk, or an entire dramatic war being played out by paper shogi pieces. Yokoi often finds herself getting reluctantly interested in his games, even though they always seem to end up getting HER in trouble with the teacher!

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