Samurai Jack is Back

Adult Swim has announced that the Cartoon Network original show Samurai Jack will continue with a new season sometime in 2016. The series is being produced by Genndy Tartatovsky, who also produced the original series when in first aired in 2001. Genndy Tartatovsky has also produced a number of shows including Dexter’s laboratory,  the Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries, Symbionic Titan, etc. Source:…nndy-tart/,…twork-2016.

The following article is by Moe Wars user Blitzcrieg and all credit goes to them for making the original article, you can see said article in the following link:

One thought on “Samurai Jack is Back

  1. Episode 32, I think, ended with Jack losing to the guardian of the time portal. The guardian at the end confirmed that Jack would indeed be the one to defeat him but decades would pass before he would be able to do so. My question is whether the creators are going to remember that or retcon it completely. That episode was 12 years ago so they may well have forgotten it.

    And will we eventually discover Jack’s true name?

    Last and greatest of all, who is going to voice Aku?


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