Sekai project announces end of Narcissu kickstarter

It has been confirmed that the Narcissu visual novel kickstarter started by Sekai project has met its goal which was set at $75,000, the campaign ended on Thursday raising a total of $97,550. However the kickstarter for the game was unfortunately not able to reach any of its stretch goals. Mind you that this was announced today by North American visual novel distributor Sekai Project. The game it should be noted was added to Steams greenlight last week for the kickstarter and it was greenlit on Friday. The game is meant for the 10th anniversary anthology pack for the Narcissu game series.The remade series will include new art, re-recorded voices and a new scenario as well from what has been confirmed.

The games will include A Little Iris, Himeko’s Epilogue, Zero and Sumire the newly added scenario. Backers for the campaign will receive a digital and physical copy of the games, visual fanbook and soundtrack CD’s. Other rewards include a Narcissu T-shirt, original mini novel, collector’s box and a tapestry as well. Those who pledge at least $1,000 will receive all rewards and a dinner with Stage-nana leader Tomo Kataoka at Anime Expo 2016 in Los Angeles. For those who pledge $1,800 you will also receive all rewards, the dinner and a hand drawn and colored Japanese sign board drawn by Takehiko Akino the main artist for Narciussu Sumire. Also below there is a video regarding the 10th anniversary project for Narcissu:

For those that do not know Sekai Project has also released the most recent versions of the games on Steam for free as the Narcissu 1+2 game. The games have a confirmed over 1,000,000 downloads worldwide and have been translated in numerous languages with many fanworks such as manga, light novels and mobile apps as well. The first game originally released August 22nd 2005 by the created of the series Stage-nana. Finally below are images showcasing each of the games and the story for the each of them:
[Image: cVc4k2K.jpg]
[Image: bOqIlic.jpg]
[Image: i5vYmYq.jpg]
[Image: dIkhlPI.jpg]

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