Disgaea heads to PC

It has officially been confirmed by NIS America that Disgaea is headed to the PC, the game is set to release on PC February 2016. It is said that it will include all the content of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness with an updated interface and textures. There will also be mouse and keyboard support as well as Steam support for achievements and cards. The game is also set to be in both English and Japanese audio. The game mind you originally released on the Playstation 2 in 2003 in Japan, it would later get re-releases on the  PSP on November 30th 2006 and Nintendo DS June 26th 2008 with the name Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. The game would first release in the US on the PS2 August 27th 2003, followed by a PSP release October 30th 2007 and its Nintendo DS release September 23rd 2008. The game received other releases in both Australia and Europe as well. Now below is a plot summary of the story quoted from Gamestop:

The Netherworld – a realm darker than the deepest abyss, located far beneath where mortals tread. It is a cursed land where evil reigns and foul beings dwell. Nobody knows its whereabouts, but everybody fears its existence…The story takes place two years after the death of King Krichevskoy, the ruler of the Netherworld. His son Laharl awakens from a long sleep, unaware of his father’s death. Meanwhile, scheming demons vie for supremacy over the Netherworld. With the help of his subordinate Etna and her underlings, the egocentric, self-absorbed Prince Laharl must fight to regain the throne and claim his birthright.


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