Gundam the Origin vol.3 Dawn’s Revolt reveils new key visual

[Image: GkDYQFN.jpg]

On the website for the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin anime a new key visual has been recently released and promotional video. However due to the promo video being region locked there will be screenshots provided later in the article instead. The upcoming episode mind you is titled Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin vol.3 Dawn’s Revolt and will release in Japan Spring 2016. The chief director of the series Yoshikazu Yasuhiko announced during the event that the series is entering its climax. It was also said by Tohru Furuya who plays Amuro Ray said once on the radio “‘I think the theme of Gundam is: Why do humans engage in war?”, the director of the series said he wishes to explore this more starting from the animes third episode. The overall story pf the anime covers Casval and Artesia’s separation in which they later became Char and Sayla. In the story the MS development is covered especially on the Zenon side, this takes place during the year of U.C. 0071 as well. Now below are screenshots from the region locked video:

[Image: AETOcKV.jpg]
[Image: jUQ6RVq.jpg]
[Image: W0b0249.jpg]
[Image: HbTxI6g.jpg]
[Image: NF9Jihp.jpg]
[Image: VY1h7SU.png]

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