Tokyo Ghoul Pinto releases TV ad plus more

A new TV ad has been released regarding the release of Tokyo Ghoul Pinto, in the TV ad it outlines the extras which are set to be included with the different versions of the video release. Mind you that the OVA is set for release December 25th. The limited first pressing special edition for the home video release will include a vocal CD album and a original CD. That will retail for 4,800 yen for the DVD and 5,800 yen Blu ray disc version. It is said that the vocal CD album will include 10 tracks including theme songs from the Tokyo Ghoul Jail PS Vita game. For the original CD that will include the Ghoul Raji radio show. The regular first pressing limited edition will include the original CD and be priced at 3,800 yen for the DVD and 4,800 yen for the Blu ray disc.

Now the bonus extras for both of the limited first pressing editions will also include a specially made booklet, a box which will have illustrations on three sides by character designer Kazuhiro Miwa and a digipack also illustrated by character designer Kazuhiro Miwa. It is also stated that the home video release will also have a a digest video from the Tokyo Ghoul √A event which was hosted May 31st, audio commentary will also be included alongside that. Also let it be known that the upcoming OVA will be adapting the third story of the TokyoGhoul Hibi novel, this is when Shuu, Tsukiyama and Chie encounter one another. Now for the recently released TV ad you can see that below:


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